The Most Important Thing When You Start Out Doing Internet Business Is To Have Your Own List

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8 Success Principles Needed To Become An Internet Marketer

It is everybody's dream to become a successful online marketer and happy to say... YES you can. However, here are 8 Success Principles to become an internet marketer that you must know.

1. Reject Bull-Shit Sales Letters

If you have been reading sales letter, you will know what kind of hypes other people are trying to sell to you. Forget about "Get Rich Quick!". There is no such thing that can make you rich overnight.

2. Stop Looking For The "Secret" Magic Button To Internet Success

No Magic Button
There is no secret that the online marketer making the most money has the largest list. "Largest list" here means a large list of people who are responsive to your emails

The fastest way to build your own list and keep them engaged is to start building one. This is not any secret that any successful internet markerter will keep from you. This is OPEN secret!

3. Freebies Work Like Magic In Marketing

Freebies - Reports or ebooks
Giving away free stuffs like Reports, ebooks and software are the best way to generate leads to build your leads. Use any or all of these to collect new email addresses and your list will build up in no time. 

4. Find Your Niche And Stay Focus In One First

Stay focus

You may have heard it many times: "You Need A Niche Market". Build a website geared towards your niche and you can start generating an online income. 

After your first website has settled down making money, look for other niche and repeat what you did for your first website.

5. Boring But Important To Have These

Patience and focused tenacity are both key. It took me years before I got into the flow. There is more to come and I believe I can do better as long as I have.... patience and focused tenacity.

6. How Committed Are You To Become An Internet Marketer ?

Can you make a commitment to send 3 emails to joint venture partners to promote your product on a daily basis? There are 2 major reasons for doing this. Momentum is a key factor in keeping you dedicated to your goal and numbers is the game for getting joint venture when you start.

7. Spending Your Time And Maximize It

You should be spending the majority of your time on marketing. No other ways to make it work. Therefore, you need to plan to spend your time in order to get the most out of your hard work as well as time with your loved ones. Unfortunately, many wasted a lot of their time trying to work on things that doesn't put money into their pockets.

8. Rising To The Next Level

Success - Going to next level

Once you start to make consistent money online, don't splurge them on sports cars and expensive toys. Instead, re-invest it in your own education and tools that can enhance your mind and business. Find ways to make your business even better.

Stay focus on what you want to achieve.

3 Reasons You Must Automate Your Online Business

Lets' say you are making money online now but you have other commitments and distractions. I this happens, you will not be able to maximize your earnings.

What you need to do is to automate your business as much as possible so you can work less. There are a few tasks in your online business that you can automate.....

4 tips to increase customer loyalty

Gaining loyal customers is easier than you thought.... Just show them that you care.

Tip #1: Personalize the experience

Letting your subscribers feel like they matter to you is fundamental. Encourage their commitment is important. whether you have 1,000, 5,000 or 50,000 subscribers, each one of them should feel special.

An effective way to take a personal approach daily is by signing off on posts and comments with your name.

For example:

Coca-Cola fans share a personalized can of Coke with a name on it. Heinz beans gave fans a chance to send their friends personalized soup tins.

3 reasons why you need a blog

A blog has many uses and does not require any skills to set one up. If you are getting into online marketing, a nice blog should be the first to be up and running.

Reason being you must have a platform to share your knowledge as well as to provide good resources and solutions that your readers are looking for. Not just generic solution but solution that can help them solve their immediate problems. If this is done properly you can be assured an ever increasing viewership.

The 3 reasons why you need a blog

After Getting Leads From Solo Ads

One of my worst mistake at solo ads was letting it get cold.

It was in the early stage at buying quality traffic from I had pretty good opt-in rates with CBpassive Income Program and sales began to roll in subsequently. The best part was that mostly were on monthly subscriptions.

Because, this program I mentioned above comes with an autoresponder that it automatically sends corresponding emails to my subscribers, I was complacent.

At that point of time, I was reluctant to spend $29 to subscribe to a proper autoresponder thinking its sufficient to pull in more sales if I give it more time. I was totally WRONG!

After a while, the entire list went COLD! In other words, all efforts wasted. It was then that I realized it is best to start feeding my list as soon as they subscribe on a regularly spaced period of time with both information and promotions. It will also do you good if personal email is included between broadcasts so that your subscribers can have a chance to know you better instead of just business.

If you have not started gathering leads or had just started doing so, do take some time to plan and draft all corresponding emails carefully including emails sharing your daily life in between.

Keep doing this and your list will take care of you.

The Most Important Thing When You Start Out Doing Internet Business Is To Have Your Own List

DownLoad "List Building For Beginners" Now

Myth buster - making money online

Making money online has been around for decades and has evolved over the years.

Many has tried their hands on it but only a handful became successful and made millions year after year.  Apparently they are getting stronger and richer in their business.

The attrition rate can be on the high side of 90%. Why is this failure rate so high when there are people able to make enough money to allow them to fire their bosses?

I'm not bragging but I was once a failure in this. After reviewing why I failed to make any money in the beginning, I saw why.

Are you an action taker or an observer?

In the world of internet marketing, What is most important?

Taking Action....

Corrective Action....

Taking Action Again.....

Like me before, many just dived into studying how successful internet marketer became so successful. Trying to decode how they did it by looking at the over-sized picture. The truth